Thu / 22 / Apr 2021
07:31 pm

About us

Our school, Isabella de Rosis Public School, is committed to provide the top-grade education to our students. We cater ourselves on high standards of attainment, behavior and parental care. Our students enjoy a stimulating structured curriculum during the school day and a wide range of extra curricular activities. We believe that each student is special and we make every effort to ensure that we develop each child’s dignity and individualism. In our school, academic advancement is balanced with emphasis on personal growth and fostering of positive attitudes. We also encourage them to appreciate the essential qualities of their own traditional values, intellectual heritage and cultural aspirations.

We are preparing our students for the challenges of the modern, increasingly globalised world while t the same time cultivating in them a passion for life, a confident sense of their own cultural identity and a commitment to make the world a better place.


A happy school with the blend of values, tradition, technology and quest for excellence.


Our vision is to bring about a holistic development of the student, balancing academic excellence with finer human qualities of compassion and empathy. Providing students with values, latest technology to enable them to meet the challenges of a fast changing world.


Fostering positive role models to create a kind & compassionate school community with brilliance & balance, that creates character & personal responsibility!