Thu / 22 / Apr 2021
07:48 pm


Isabella De Rosis Public School is in an idyllic setting; a sprawling campus , satisfying a crucial need in today’s world for students to be able to learn, observe, introspect and contemplate in a most desirable environment. Education in such an ambience is a rewarding experience for our students, truly becoming their “wonder years”.


A classroom is a platform where teacher – student interact, the real learning takes place there. Our School has well-equipped and spacious classrooms. The maximum strength of the children in a class is 35 for an optimum student – teacher ratio.

Smart Class

Smart class room is the place where students get a visual treatment. We have a well outfitted smart room with an LCD projector and a screen, provides the students a different style of learning situation, effective learning takes place in our smart room.

Computer Lab

We adapt the computer education in accordance with the signs of the time. We have arranged a solid lab where our students can get ample of opportunity to learn. Our lab consists of 14 computers.


We have well furnished science lab. They are modernized with the latest scientific instruments. Our students are given all the facilities to meet the demands of the scientific subjects.


The school has a well stocked Library and reading room with magazines and periodicals. Books covering various subjects are available. We wish that our students become voracious readers of tomorrow. We have set a library period for our students.