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Annual Report 2020 – 2021

2020-21 Academic year commenced on June 1st with more concerns and all the innovations. Due to this Covid-pandemic situation,all the institutions were closed and everyone was confined to their own homes.In order to break the learning gap, online classes and Recorded video classes arranged for all the students with the help of new technologies.

10th Result

In case of covid-19 Pandemic situation, Everyone was very happy with the 2019- 20 10th board exam result. Adheena Mary T.J scored full A1 with 96.8 percentage marks came first while Jomika Jojo, Akash Sabu Vincent, Milan Bobby got 90 percentage marks.Ten students passed with Distinction and 4 passed with First Class.

World Environmental Day

World Environmental day is celebrated on the 5th of June through the virtual platform. Children prepared posters and slogans on the importance of the day

Online Assembly

The Online live assembly held on the first day of the week was a different experience for everyone. The children actively participated in this assembly.

Staff Meeting

Stuff meetings were held at the regular intervals on every month for assessing the quality of the classes and to discuss the difficulties and opinions from the parents in order to take the necessary action

PTA Meeting

Concerns have been expressed by parents, teachers, and students about the changing educational strategies during the on-going pandemic situation. At all times, the PTA was a big supporter of getting through this as quickly as possible. The PTA was really helpful at all times in order to get everything done as quickly as possible. PTA meetings have been crucial in increasing children’s learning quality and adjusting them to new approaches. Furthermore, teachers are communicated with parents on a regular basis to assuage their concerns and minimise their children’s anxiety.

Cultural Events

This year, we’ve shown that if we work together, we can conquer any challenge. On the virtual platform, we arranged all the meetings and all the significant events.

All the events were coordinated and trained through online meetings. The videos created by our children, which included songs, dances, and short plays for each occasion, captivated everyone. The children took part in a variety of competitions related to Isabellian Fest, Independence Day, Onam, Language Day, Reading Day, and Christmas with zeal.

Children and other family members were actively participated in all of these events and competitions through virtual platform. When everyone in the house participated in competitions related to Onam and Christmas, it spreads the message of unity.

Awareness programmes.

The management and PTA had decided to start classes for grades 9 and 10 in January 2021, in accordance with Kerala government directives. With the cooperation of the Varapuzha health centre, awareness programmes for children, parents, and teachers were held in connection with the opening of the school. In this session, we had discussed preventive measures against COVID 19 and necessary steps to be taken for the well-being of our physical and mental health during this crisis .


This academic year was one of the most memorable in the school’s history. However, we would want to see it as a year in which we may take a fresh approach to teaching, learning, and assessment. We were compelled to abandon the old method of teaching and learning in order to pursue something far more inventive and demanding. As a result, this school year was not one of crisis, but rather one of abundant opportunity.