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Our staff room is capacious, well-lit, and well-equipped, and it is here that teachers spend their valuable free time effectively preparing their classes for a more engaging presentation. Every teacher has their own personal storage area for their reference books, teaching materials, and learning materials.


The school office is a functioning administrative entity where confidential and other vital records are kept. Administrative tasks are completed with the assistance of clerical and other support employees. The school office, which is located next to the principal’s room, helps to maintain better coordination of a school’s activities.

Smart room

Students will benefit from interactive learning and skill-enhancement activities in the smart classroom. Multidisciplinary learning is also possible in smart classes, which is a prerequisite for their potential performance. The classroom provides a distraction-free environment for learning.


Our School has an enormous library. Students and teachers can use the library to supplement their classroom activities and knowledge with a variety of reference books, encyclopedias, periodicals, and newspapers, as well as internet access. There are rows of tables and seats in the library. The library is littered with large cabinets. The books in these cabinets are ordered alphabetically.


The well -ventilated, natural light filled classrooms provide a comfortable study atmosphere. Every classroom contains audiovisual equipment, a public address system, bulletin boards, student lockers, and age-appropriate furniture that is conveniently constructed.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is unique in that it contains numerous vital and beneficial functions. There are more than 20 computers housed at the lab, all of which are running the most recent versions of software. Each computer table has a sturdy writing surface, so students can take notes without difficulty. Computer lab also offers high-speed internet facilities.

Biology lab

The school provides with a well equipped Biology Laboratory which is designed to meet the demands of scientific and technological progress. The laboratory equipment includes from simple slides, test tubes, and petri dishes to composite microscopes of varied powers for closely examining substances and organisms. In addition to the aforementioned, the laboratory also provides with charts, models, and specimens for demonstrations.

Chemistry Lab

The laboratory is well-equipped, including equipment such as a distillation unit, beakers, flasks, and other safety equipment. As an added precaution, the acids and other hazardous chemicals are kept in locked cabinets.

Physics Lab

It helps students in studying theories elaborately through practical application. The laboratory has a wide range of apparatus. The apparatus includes lenses, magnets, beam balances, spring balances, and glass prisms, among others, as well as more advanced instruments.