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Annual Report 2021-2022

The academic year 2021–2022, which began on June 1st, was filled with new issues. As a result of the COVID pandemic, all institutions were shuttered and everyone was kept inside their own houses. With the use of new technologies, online classes were set up for all of the students as an effort to close the learning gap.

Commencing offline classes in the middle of the academic year for all the students was a difficult endeavour. We put the majority of the students back in the real classroom situation with all the COVID safety protocols.

10th Result

Everyone was very happy with the 2020–21 10th board exam results. 5 students scored above 95% marks while 9 students scored above 90% marks 15 students received a distinction, while 20 received a first-class grade.

World Environmental Day

The virtual platform hosts a celebration of World Environmental Day on June 5th. Children created their own posters, slogans, and brief videos to highlight the significance of the day.

Staff Meeting

Staff meetings were conducted regularly every month to discuss the challenges and opinions of the parents, evaluate the quality of the lessons, and decide what steps needed to be taken for the improvement of high quality education.

PTA Meeting

Concerns regarding the changing instructional strategies employed during the on-going pandemic scenario have been voiced by parents, instructors, and students. The PTA has always advocated strongly for getting things done as quickly as possible. The PTA was always quite helpful in getting everything done smoothly. PTA meetings have always helped students learn more effectively and helped them adjust to new concepts. Teachers also often interacted with parents to assuage their concerns and minimise their children’s anxiety.

Cultural Events

We’ve demonstrated this year that anything is achievable when we all pull together. All of the meetings and important activities were scheduled on the virtual platform. Online meetings were used to plan and provide training for all of the events. The videos that our kids produced, which featured songs, dances, and mini-plays for each occasion, fascinated everyone. Isabellian Fest, Independence Day, Onam, Language Day,
Reading Day, and Christmas were among the competitions that the kids enthusiastically participated in.

All of these competitions and activities were actively participated in by children and other family members via online venues. It promotes unity when everyone in the household took part in competitions relating to Onam and Christmas.

Restarting of class

In compliance with Kerala government directives, the management and PTA decided to start classes for grades 9 and 10 in October, for grades 6, 7, and 8 in November, and for all other grades in December 2021. Awareness campaigns for kids, parents, and teachers were held in conjunction with the start of the school with the help of the
Varapuzha health centre. We discussed on COVID-19 prevention strategies in this session, as well as the important actions for maintaining our physical and emotional health in the face of this disaster.


Despite numerous challenges, the kids returned to school and resumed their studies with their friends while adhering to all the covid protocol. The lockdown period was a learning period for students as well as teachers. The key accomplishment of this academic year was that, with the aid of advanced technology, we were able to enhance the pedagogy in a way that is engaging for the students. Thus, this academic year was not marked by catastrophe but by a wealth of possibility instead, and I will continue to
wish for the finest outcomes moving forward.