• Mon / 27 / May 2024
  • 09:57


Isabella de Rosis Public School, which began in the year 2004, is run and managed by the Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart. The School has panoptic vision in her mission. Our mission is to prepare the students of Isabella to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing world. Isabella builds on its heritage, diversity and values, developing the qualities and strengths of each young man – it engages with the needs and interests of society. We meet the needs of the total person: intellectual, ethnical, emotional, corporal and spiritual which will enable them to become worthful citizens of tomorrow. Our School is ethically diverse and we approach all learning styles. Schools’ main focus is to extend an effectual and quality education to all the children who belong to average and below average classes in the society. Hence, the people of locality take maximum merit through minimum expense.