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Annual Report 2022-23

“Knowledge can only be achieved through the letters of education.”

Learning Something new every day is an important success mantra. Make life beautiful by reading and learning.

The school annual celebration for the academic year 2019 – 2020 started on 13th December 2019 with a general meeting at 5pm. The guests of honor were received from the main entrance by the students and teachers and escorted to the avenue. The little friends of the school welcomed the distinguished guests. CBSE National General Secretary Dr. Indira Rajan inaugurated the event. Then the artistic programs presented by the children brightened up the annual celebration. Prizes were distributed to the children who had excelled in academic activities and artistic Competitions. The school Manager Sr. Shalbi thanked everyone in a heartfelt speech. The Curtain fell on the school’s 21 anniversary celebrations at 10pm with an eye and ear pleasing colourful performance by Isabella’s young artistes.

Even in the midst of the Covid pandemic that has put the whole world in misery, entrance festival was conducted online on 1st June 2020. Hence the started the academic year 2020-21.

The period of corona resistance, where the whole world is in fear and concern, is an important period that is painfully recorded in history.

It has been almost 2 and ½ years since the covid pandemic started wreaking havoc in the world. The unexpected shutdowns made everyone miserable. Children had hard times than adults. The lock down was an unexpected blow to the children who were studing, playing, and having fun with their friends in schools. That closed time is still a frightening memory.

During lockdown, online classes and new learning methods that we never experienced before has been embraced by teachers and students. First started as video classes and then the learning progressed through online live classes. Arrangement were made to create a school environment where children are kept close to teacher as far as possible. Every week the class teacher used to call five or six students in her class over the phone, talk to them and share information with them. Attempts were also made to clarify the doubts of children and parents through interactive sessions every month.

Environment day, reading day, Onam celebration, Christmas and all other celebrations are celebrated online in a way that brings joy and happiness amidst these crises. In order to promote the artistic sense in children and remove tensions, art competitions were also organized online in this pandemic situation and were encouraged by giving them online certificates. Classes resumed in November 2021 with strict precautions following the spread of corona. We got through those days by giving sanitizers and masks to children, keeping distance and instructions to prevent the spread of corona.

Saying goodbye to he lockdown and summer vacation, the new academic year began on June 1st, 2022 with the entrance festival. About 170 children came to our school with great interest and joy in search of the golden light of knowledge. The teachers warmly welcomed all the students along with them. The holy sacrifice was offered by Rev. Father Dominic Kanapilly, offering the children before God, the source of all knowledge, and praying for the blessings of almighty God.

Aiming at the complete and comprehensive development of children, the public school, which was started in 1999 as nursery classes in the name of Mother Isabella De Rosis, currently has 1028 children and 313 children studying in the kindergarten. The Isabellian family consists of 56 teachers and 25 non-teaching staff along with their children. Working days are arranged in eight periods from 9 am to 3 pm. Activities are carried out here giving importance to children’s extracurricular activities and character building.

A significant achievement in Isabella’s history is that we were able to put four school buses on the road at the beginning of this academic year. The long overdue wish of our children to travel in our school bus seen the realization during this academic year. It is also possible to prioritize the safest mode of travel. The children were divided into four houses namely Athens, Atlanta, Olympia and Sparta and a captain and a vice-captain were selected from each group to develop their artistic skills. Literary, cultural, Maths, social science, science, IT, Anti-drug clubs are formed to focus on the subjects of interest and develop stills of each child academically and socially, and each of these clubs are functioning effectively.

School Election

In order to make the children aware of the importance of the right to vote and enable them to exercise it properly in the future, elections were held in the school on 9th June, in which Pranav P S was elected as Head Boy and Erin Daze George as the Head Girl and Edwin Jose as the sports captain.

Enrichment Programmes

Various training Programmes have been organized for teachers to enhance their performance in advanced curriculum and our teachers have performed well in various training programmes organized by Central Board of Secondary Education, Central Kerala Sahodaya and National Education Policy to improve the subject matter.

A class of Mr. Giji Varghese sir was organized for the parents at the beginning of the year. Also a class to educate parents on the topic ‘Drug abuse among children’ was organized by the civil exercise officer, Ms Dhanya M A, under the auspices of the Varapuzha Health Department, teachers were given a class on how to implement leprosy prevention and as a part of the Anti-Drug Day, an Anti-Drug rally was organized in association with the Varapuzha police in which teachers and children participated.


The growth of any school is measured on the basis of its 10th pass. 29 students wrote the 2020-21 CBSE board exam. All achieved proud success and raised the honor of the school. Della Trease Jaise got Full A1 out of 29 students who took the exam. Josephine Merin Sebastian also became the school topper. 9 students scored above 90% in all subjects, 12 students scored above 80%, four scored above 70%, and four students scored above 65% and became eligible for higher studies.

Among the achievements is one that should be mentioned with great pride is in the central kerala sahodaya athletic meet, class 10 Adams Clement bagged a gold medal for shot put, Siddarth S and Anooj antony bagged 4th place in high jump and prayan L.P bagged 4th place in 100m. Edwin Jose and Adams Clement are proud to have been selected from Ernakulam District level athletic federation to state level. Also in the senior, junior Football tournament our children put up brilliant performances.

Arts and Sports Meet

Arts and sports meet are organized to make the school life an enjoyable, fulfilling and complete learning experience for the students and for the artistic development of the students. Competitions that spark knowledge and skills were held at these venues, along with this, our children also participated in competitions like drawing, painting, poster making, notice board decoration organized under the auspices of various organisations and clubs.

The Hand of Mercy

Along with learning, activities were also conducted to inculcate social values such as compassion, kindness and cooperation among the children. As part of this, a food fest was organized under the leadership of children on the sports day and funds were collected. Also students of Isabella, management, teachers and parents collected Rs. 3, 00,000/- and gave it towards the medical expenses of a little girl in our school.


Every celebration is a gathering of goodness and love and cooperation. Important days like Environment Day, Reading Day, Language Day, yoga Day, Children’s Day, Kerala Piravi , Gandhi jayanthi, Isabella feast were celebrated on a grand scale under the leadership of various clubs to inculcate cooperative spirit, social and natural skills in children.

‘Only one Earth’ is the message of this year’s Environment Day and the Environment Day was celebrated by making the children aware of the need to protect the Environment for the future generation and a herb garden was prepared as a part of it. Dr. Indu, an Ayurveda Doctor from Varapuzha gave a class to the children on herbs.

This year we observed reading day as reading month. Various competitions were conducted under the leadership of the literacy club with the message of P. N Panicker, ‘Read and Grow, Think and Gain Wisdom’. The most notable of the competitions was the presentation of Puthapatt of Edassery by the students of class VIII.

Commemorating the formation of the state of Kerala, this year also November 1, Kerala Piravi day was celebrated with grandeur and various art competitions.

During the birthday celebrations of Jawaharlal Nehru, who loved children very much and tried to be with them, Adinath Krishna as Chachaji and Joan Maria Venison as Kamala Nehru were chosen from among the children and teachers and students placed flowers on Nehru’s picture.

The Feast of Mother Isabella, founder of the Reparatrix sisters of Sacred Heart and the Originator of our school’s name was celebrated on August 11. The children presented the life of Mother Isabella from her childhood to her death through still images.

Independence Day was celebrated beautifully with programs to remember our forefathers who are responsible for the freedom we enjoy today and inculcate patriotism in children.

One more Onam has passed by, recalling the yesterday without lies and cheating and calling for prosperity. Accompanied by Pookalam, Pulikali and Kummattis, Maveli was welcomed. Games like ‘Uriyadi’, ‘Tug of war’, ‘Thiruvathira’ and ‘Payasam’ added glory to the celebrations.

This year Gandhi Jayanthi was also celebrated in a grand manner in the
school. 1 to 10 classes presented a colourful tableau representing each state.

Isabella Voice, a children’s newspaper continues to publish every month very efficiently with activities aimed at awakening the literary taste in children.

With the permission of all, the chairman presents the annual report for the year 2022-2023 in gratitude to Almighty God and our intercessor blessed Mother Isabella, who has blessed us with all the work done so well so far